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Jovita Mendita and Anastasiya Sivkova



Excellence. Integrity. Passion

are our core values here at Blue Quill Dental. We live what we do and we wish you to be part of our story of excellence.

With extensive experience expertise and patience we are here to provide you with the best customized and personalized service to allow you to create with our help your dream smile.

We are a team of Denturists with a full network of best Dental Specialists, Laboratories, general practitioners to provide you with all you need for the optimal treatment.

We are located just a hallway away from full scope dental practice to allow you to have everything you need conveniently in one location.




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Edmonton, Alberta

T6J 4R7

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Services Offered

complimentary consultation

To address your needs and concerns and show you all the options available in your specific case we offer free no obligation consultation where you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, to address a specific issue or a question and to otherwise lend a useful tidbit of knowledge we are here.


Whether its a break or a loose clasp we are here to see if and how we can fix the issue. We strive to do it in an hour, but we will take our time to provide the best service, not to cut corners and to reinforce if its possible for better future wear. Bigger modifications such as changing teeth, changing type of clasps (metal to clear) is also offered but will require more time and be done only if its advisable.

soft liners

Sub optimal in regards to hygiene, soft liner is still a viable option for extremely resorbed lower ridge.

full dentures

We offer both Precision and Standard full dentures. Whatever your need may be we are here to customize your experience based on your needs and your wants. Ask us how using premium teeth can make your smile look like a million dollars.

same day relines

If your dentures are still good, but their fit is loosening with time we can ix it in a day if you are a candidate. A simple procedure of taking an impression inside your denture and renewing the fit based on this new impression you will walk out with a renewed confidence in the retention of your dentures.

multidisciplinary treatment planning

We are here to collaborate with the best in all fields to bring to you a full circle of care that every person deserves.

partial dentures

With a variety of materials on the market and being sensitive to the needs of our clients we can create for you .

  • Flexible Dentures, we offer Clear Clasps for the visible areas.

  • Titanium Cast Dentures for cobalt-chrome allergies.

  • Transition Acrylic dentures as an economy option.

  • Cast Partial Dentures

Let us work with you in designing the denture with your preferences in mind.

implant supported and retained options

Implants not only stop bone resorption, increase retention of the prosthetic exponentially and are currently the number one recommendation for the lower denture, they are also an investment in your future comfort.


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
— Vince Lombardi